Let’s Get Healed Together

Woman with her head in her hands

People don’t always share how they have overcome or how they manage from day to day. I am not ashamed to share with you how I overcame domestic violence, poverty, bullying, depression, low self esteem, unforgiveness, bitterness and so much…

Not Flawed

Woman with her eyes closed

There were so many years when I believed that I was flawed to the point of not valuing who I saw when I looked in the mirror. I could say I looked good, fly and all of that, but I…

Your Ears Hear Your Words

woman face with her eyes closed

Listen, You have the most influence on you. When you speak negative things about yourself, you hear you. You direct your actions in the direction of what you say. Stop repeating what others say about you. Speak peace Speak love…

Uncover Your Confidence

Shrinking is for Saran Wrap, not your confidence

You never have to apologize for being confident. For some of us, it took many years of doubting ourselves and our abilities before we embrace who we are and what we are capable of. It is a process to evolve…

I Matter–We Matter

woman on boardwalk

Growing up poor in the lowcountry of South Carolina, I knew that getting a good education was my way out. I thought that with a degree, nothing would be impossible for me. My schools were predominently black, I attended school…

You are More Than a Snapshot

woman taking a picture

Whenever someone is asked what they think about you, a particular incident or a string of incidents usually come to mind and frame their response. They remember the time you did this or did that and they may acknowledge that…