You are More Than a Snapshot

woman taking a picture

Whenever someone is asked what they think about you, a particular incident or a string of incidents usually come to mind and frame their response. They remember the time you did this or did that and they may acknowledge that you have changed, they still frame what they think of you by something that may no longer define you.
Don’t get caught up in their snapshot of you. You have produced many more stunning pictures on your canvas of life since then and you are not responsible for updating their album.
You were created for purpose.
You are not who you were.
You have evolved and are still evolving.
You are moving and not stagnant.
You have learned from your mistakes and you are still making mistakes and you will continue to make mistakes……GOOD NEWS– learning never ends. Mistakes are opportunities to get better.
You are not defined by a single snapshot that someone may capture of you.
Their Lens
Their Focus
Their Flash
Can never capture your greatness, your power, your strength–your purpose

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