Evicting negative emotions because they don't pay rent.®

Life Coaching

My life coaching services empower women to acknowledge, confront, and evict negative emotions, guiding them to embrace intentional action and live the life they truly deserve.

AI in Grants and Business

Harness the power of AI with my grant writing and business coaching services. Revolutionize the grant writing process and enhance strategic decision-making for entrepreneurs and organizations, ensuring success in securing funding and achieving business growth.


Offer your event attendees transformative insights rooted in academic expertise and personal experience, guiding audiences to embrace authenticity, prioritize wellness, and harness the power of AI for business success.

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Meet the Intentional Shift Strategist in Life and Business

Donna, a minister, author, motivational speaker, and certified life coach and AI consultant, who wears the hat of CEO at D. W. Davis Consulting, LLC. Her story isn’t a fairy tale but a relatable journey from darkness to empowerment.


Navigating Real-Life Challenges:

Donna’s journey began amidst real-life struggles—surviving domestic violence and grappling with the harsh reality of poverty. Yet, she discovered a profound truth: life’s challenges don’t determine your destiny. In May 2020, during a time of global uncertainty, Donna embarked on a mission inspired by the shared struggles of women everywhere.